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    KeyCrest's Corporate Mission and Vision

    Our mission as a company is to enhance the security of the nation, its government, and its citizens. We will do that by making professional security services and products available to organizations and individuals seeking to protect their information, aviation, and marine assets.

    Our corporate vision is to grow the company into a preeminent provider of security products and services. We will do this through technical and professional leadership in our field, helping to shape the future of information, aviation, and marine security by creating innovative solutions for our clients and for the security business.

    Guiding Corporate Principles

    (1) The satisfaction of our clients is our paramount goal. We will maintain this satisfaction by ensuring that client requirements are fully defined and understood, by providing the best services possible, and by seeking to meet all expectations with products and services of the highest caliber.

    (2) The nature of our business requires us to earn and maintain the trust of our clients and our employees, and the respect of our competitors. KeyCrest managers, employees, and business partners are required to adhere to strong ethical standards and to carry out their work in a manner that enhances this trust and respect at all times.

    (3) We believe that we can best serve our clients by hiring and retaining professionals who are the best in their field and by working in partnership with organizations who offer services which are complimentary to ours. We attract the most talented employees by providing a highly competitive compensation package, and we seek to retain them by fostering a work environment in which employees can thrive professionally and personally.