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    KeyCrest Services and Capabilities
    Technical Support Services

    Wireless strategy and architecture
    One of the most exciting recent developments in the IT arena is the ability to communicate between devices without cables and wires. But every new technology brings new threats. KeyCrest can help you develop a wireless architecture and an implementation and rollout strategy to safely take advantage of wireless technology.

    Wireless LAN protection
    The term “sniffer” refers to hardware or software that can intercept network traffic and help determine its contents. As wireless networks proliferate, sniffers can be used successfully just by driving by a wireless LAN facility. KeyCrest can assess your wireless networks and perform 802.11b compliance audits. We can recommend and implement steps for protecting you against sniffers and for operating your LAN securely.

    Operating system hardening
    There are dozens of “best practices” on the market to describe how to lock down your operating systems. KeyCrest consultants have assessed many of these practices and synthesized them into the “best of the best”. We can adapt these practices to your environment and create an organization-specific lockdown process that is sustainable over time.

    Scanning and penetration testing
    Many hackers use scanning and penetration tools to look for vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. KeyCrest can help you “see” what the hackers see by using sophisticated and advanced technologies. Further, we can use the results of this testing to create a specific security remediation plan for you.

    Implementation of anti-virus strategies
    The anti-virus segment of the IT security industry is one of the fastest growing today, as viruses proliferate and threaten new platforms and technologies. KeyCrest will help you sort through your anti-virus options and recommend an appropriate strategy for protecting every part of your infrastructure from destructive intrusions.

    Personal firewalls
    It may no longer be sufficient to place a firewall in its traditional place between your network and the world wide web. Now, many threats come from internal sources and already have access to your network, and other threats cannot be stopped by traditional firewalls. KeyCrest can help you implement a firewall on your personal workstation, protecting you from threats regardless of their source.

    Countermeasure implementation
    New vulnerabilities are discovered all the time, requiring that you respond rapidly with countermeasures to protect against exploits. KeyCrest can perform security remediation on the fly when serious vulnerabilities are found. We can also create and implement specific countermeasure plans for systems, networks, and other technology.