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    KeyCrest Services and Capabilities
    Program Management

    Project and program administration
    Many security programs have grown rapidly in the past few years, and have evolved to address the changing landscape of security threats. KeyCrest consultants collectively have over a hundred years managing these programs and ensuring that growth and change are appropriately focused. KeyCrest can assess which aspects of your program deserve the most attention, and when you are faced with budget and staff constraints can help you decide where to focus those scarce resources.

    Security configuration management
    IT professionals are well-versed in configuration management and in the need to manage technical and organizational change. KeyCrest consultants have developed security-specific configuration management processes which can be seamlessly melded with your IT management program.

    Fraud management and control
    The fraudulent use of technology and information is a rapidly-growing problem, one which the legal and law enforcement communities are struggling to respond to. KeyCrest can help you prevent fraud before it happens by looking for vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and recommending correction.

    Intellectual property protection
    When you invest your time and money in developing a product or service, you want to protect it from theft, copying, misuse, and other problems. KeyCrest can help protect your intellectual property by recommending safe methods for managing it and recommending appropriate steps for preventing misuse.

    Management briefings
    Approaching senior management to advise them on your security program can be daunting, even more so if you are asking for resources or presenting difficult news. KeyCrest can help craft briefing packages which capture management attention, put issues in perspective, and help persuade your audience to understand your views.

    Cost-benefit analyses
    There is an axiom in the security world that says you should not spend more to protect an asset than the asset is worth. KeyCrest can help you decide between competing alternatives for protection by assessing the costs and values of the systems and information you are securing.