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    KeyCrest Services and Capabilities
    Incident Analysis and Response

    Incident prevention and forensics
    In an ideal world, we all want to prevent security incidents before they happen. KeyCrest can recommend and put in place a process for preventing security incidents, for detecting incidents and stopping them before damage occurs. But if the worst does happen, KeyCrest can help diagnose what happened and why, and can manage the incident recovery process.

    Incident response center operations
    Many organizations are creating their own “CSIRC”, or Computer Security Incident Response Capabilities. KeyCrest consultants have authored documents to establish CSIRC concept of operations and management methodologies, and can help establish, manage, staff, and operate an incident response organization.

    Disaster recovery planning
    Most of us want to believe that disasters will only happen to “other people”. But world events have proven us wrong – disasters do happen, and they can hit close to home. KeyCrest can help you establish a plan for responding to disastrous events, whether they are natural – like floods, man-made – like electrical failures, or political – such as terrorist attacks.

    Identification and removal of malware
    Viruses, Trojans, and other malicious code can strike in a matter of micro-seconds, or can hide in your infrastructure and strike months later. KeyCrest can help analyze your IT resources to determine whether they are free of this code, and if malware is found, we can remove it.

    Disk analysis and recovery
    When security incidents happen, you may lose critical business information. However, sometimes the information can be recovered, even from disks which appear damaged. KeyCrest can analyze your storage devices to determine recoverability, and can reclaim your information when it’s possible to do so.

    Evidence recovery and retention
    Because cyber-crime has grown so quickly, law enforcement agencies are still developing techniques for collecting and storing evidence and using it in prosecutions. KeyCrest can help you understand the latest requirements and can suggest ways to preserve crucial evidence safely.