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    KeyCrest Corporate Organization

    Corporate Briefing: PDF (1.4 mb) | Zip (726k)

    The Aviation Division
    Picture of corporate aircraft in flight
    KeyCrest executives and consultants have significant experience working with the Federal Aviation Administration and with its constituents such as airlines and flight personnel, industry associations, and others. KeyCrest consultants have supported the FAA’s information security program through risk management and protection of critical flight safety information, response to Presidential Decision Directive 63, and development of the agency’s Quick Look Risk Assessment process for streamlined certification of information systems.

    September 2001 changed the way the aviation industry looks at security and at risk management. Information security is now only one component of a triad that integrates information, physical, and personnel security. Our risk management methodology recognizes the intricate balance among those components, and can apply that knowledge to the unique needs of the aviation industry. KeyCrest consultants are aviation security experts, and can take a new look at the safety and security of aviation information.

    The Marine Division
    Picture of yacht at sea
    Marine safety and security are foremost in the minds of boat owners and operators. After September 11, access to ports and waterways has been modified, and many marinas and port operators have stepped up security. Delivery of parts and services has been delayed by increased airport security, and the Coast Guard has been more active in patrolling coastal waters. Now, business and recreational boaters are considering the answers to questions never before asked.

    Do we need to be more concerned than before about the safety of our boats and marinas? Is there an increased risk if we travel close to secure ports? Do we need new charts to tell us where we can travel safely? Can we use new technology for increased protection?

    With years of experience in the boat and yachting industry, KeyCrest consultants can help boat owners answer those questions. We can provide the assurance that comes from a clear assessment of boaters’ risk and protection.

    The Risk Reduction Institute
    Picture of tall buildings
    The timeless principles of risk management can be applied to the new discipline of information security, resulting in increased levels of protection. The Risk Reduction Institute serves individuals and small businesses with risk management, awareness, training and educational services, and consulting.