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    KeyCrest Services and Capabilities
    Best Practices

    Risk and vulnerability assessments
    Determine what vulnerabilities exist in your technology infrastructure, the threats that might take advantage of those holes, and the likelihood that any threats might act. KeyCrest consultants have performed hundreds of risk assessments for commercial and government organizations.

    System certification and accreditation (C&A)
    To certify an IT system, you must identify the security requirements for the system and determine whether those requirements are being met. If not, a remediation effort is required to correct any security shortfalls. With the documentation that results from this effort, a management official can formally take accountability for the systemís security posture. Federal regulations require that mission-critical applications be certified, but C&A is a good idea for any organization, because it gives you a baseline from which to operation and maintain each system securely.

    Product evaluation
    All vendors believe their security products are the best on the market. How do you know which claim to believe? KeyCrest can perform an independent assessment of security products and help you determine which will best meet your requirements.

    Policies and procedures
    A well-crafted security policy is the keystone of any information security program. Without a good policy, your end users, system owners, and other constituents do not know what security requirements they must follow in carrying out their day-to-day work. KeyCrest can create a policy for you or can review existing policies to ensure that you are protected. We can also create guidelines and procedures to support your policy or other requirements.

    Operational evaluations and audits
    Technology changes quickly, and an operation that is secure today may not be secure tomorrow. KeyCrest can audit your operations to find any holes in their security and to verify that security requirements are being met.

    Security architecture and benchmarks
    When you are building a home, your architect draws a blueprint for the work to be done. KeyCrest can create such a blueprint for your security program or specific parts of it. With this blueprint, we can benchmark technologies and approaches to implementing a strong and secure environment.

    Web design and secure reengineering
    With the growth of e-commerce and e-government have come increasing threats to online operations. KeyCrest can design a strong, secure web site for you or can re-engineer your existing Internet presence to close any holes in its security.